Friday, February 5, 2010

Hotel Tycoon

Management Simulation game on iPhone & iPod Touch.
Real time management business simulation game. Build and manage your own hotel chain.

New update (V2.1.1) is available now.

You have a small hotel and some amount of money at the beginning. You can buy an empty real-estate in the market, and build a new hotel. As an owner, you are supposed to hire employees, advertise your hotels, make promotions, start services, and renovate rooms. You can adjust the room price day by day. Don’t forget pricing up the fare during the special season! The more export you are, the sooner you can make money to build better hotels. It'a very important to hear from your guests. You can also sell your hotel on the market.
Build your own hotel chain. All are up to your management skill based on the business mind.

If you have any question or feedback, please feel free to e-mail us or leave a comment on here. Let's make it more better.

There is a money cheat on the game. If you are interested, please e-mail us now.

Frequent Questions

Q : What's the difference between lite and full version?

A : There are 4 different hotel grade from 2-star to 5-star. The lite version is limited on 2-star hotel only. We have a plan to update only for the full version.

Q : Can I control the game speed?
A : Sure. Touch the clock, and you can see the control buttons.

Q : How can I upgrade my hotel?
A : All empty property have their own grade(available hotel grade). If it has 4 star, you can build from 2-star to 4 star hotel on it. If you bought a land, and it's avaliable hotel grade is 5 star, then you can build any grade hotel you want.
When you touch a 'Build Hotel' button, you can choose the building type for a new hotel by touching the blue arrow. There are 16 different building types, and they have their own hotel grade. Therefore, to build higher grade hotel, you should buy a high grade empty property first. By the way, you don't have enough money to buy a high grade property at the beginning. You can earn money from 2-star or 3-star hotel first.
If you have a 2-star hotel on a 5-star land, and you want to build a new 5-star hotel, then you can rebuild a new 5-star hotel after removing old one.

Version History

V1.0.0 - Initial version
V1.0.1 - Bugs fix and tutorial enhanced
V1.5.0 - 2 more cities, bank for loan, editable city & hotel name, and 2 more soundtrack
V2.0.0 - Competitors added
V2.1.1 - Updated for iOS4


  1. Good to see you have a blog now. Can't wait for more posts.

    Oliver Cooksey

    spelling and grammer for Hotel Tycoon

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    thanks j,cooksey

    spelling and editing Hotel Tycoon

  3. Yes sdasd, there is a cheat for HT and AT.

    To find out the cheats email

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  5. When I start the game And I push on the building the game diappear, bringing me back to my iPhone screen. Why?

  6. Same here. I bought this game today but could not play it even i was trying for hours. Game disappear no matter what i click . Help, because it seems to be funny game

  7. This was an os4.0 Bug, it was fixed with latest update

  8. game will not close--how do you exit from main screen back to ipod? reset button does not work

  9. There should be a feature to automatically renovate appliances. It's taking too much time to keep up with everything once you have a few hotels to manage.

  10. it´s really good this game but i already have a lot of money i think i finish the game but i want more please update with another countries and hotels and expesive lands cause i want play more hotel tycoon.

  11. I wouldn't be suprised if there isn't an update soon. Tradegame lab. has spent the last few months creating Air Tycoon 2 (Submited today :)) so they didn't have the time to do so.

    @ August 10, 2010
    The reason you couldn't close the app was because your iphone ran out of memory(Ram).
    When this happens hold down the top button and bottom button until iphone turns off. Alternatively hold down the home button for 5 secs and the app will quit.

  12. It would be cool to have a train tycoon. Like managing Amtrak or something like that.

  13. Just finished the game (i think... ust got a congratulations screen)
    Too short, and too easy for me i would say...

    nothing really bad can happen...

    But cool game !

    Looking forward for more games from you guys !

  14. If you buy the real version after you play on the lite you cant play from your save..... HUGE FLAW

  15. Any chance your going to release HD versions of these games any time soon?

    Also any new sim projects your working on right now ?

    Sim managment style games is lacking right now and you have released two great games i have both so keep the great games coming.

  16. what does red mean on the prices calender?

  17. Is it ever going to be released onto the android market, I think it would do really well on the market!

  18. Can someone tell me the cheat(s) for Hotel Tycoon? I purchased it, failed at making money, and used the tradegame email address to ask for the cheats, and got no reply ;(

  19. When are u going to make sequal. I've already beat the game

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